Sport – BTEC Level 2

Contact: Mrs Morton, Subject Leader for PE

Why study Sport?

The BTEC Tech Award in Sport is a Level 2 qualification.  The course is fully approved by Ofqual in recognition of its content and level of assessment, which means it is equivalent to a GCSE and will be recognised as such by sixth form centres, colleges, apprenticeships and future employers. 

This course provides a specialist, applied programme of vocational study for those students who have a real interest in the theoretical and practical aspects of anatomy and physiology, physical and psychological sports performance, coaching and fitness. It will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and investigate a wide range of sport, exercise and coaching aspects. This qualification is particularly appropriate for learners who are interested in progressing to a career in sport and physical activity development eg teaching, coaching, physiotherapy, sports management and sports analysis.

What content is studied?

The course involves three components that are all underpinned by theoretical study and research into different aspects of sport and fitness. The units are outlined below: 

Component 1: Preparing participants to take part in sport and physical activity 

  1. Explore types and provision of sport and physical activity for different types of participants. 
  2. Examine equipment and technology required for participants to use when taking part in sport. 
  3. Adapting a warm-up for different categories of participants and different types of physical activity. 

Component 2: Taking part and improving other participants sporting performance 

  1. Understand how different components of  fitness are used in different physical activities. 
  2. Be able to participate in sport and understand the roles and responsibilities of officials. 
  3. Demonstrate ways to improve participants sporting techniques. 

Component 3: Developing fitness to improve other participants performance in sport and physical activity 

  1. Explore the importance of fitness for sports performance. 
  2. Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels. 
  3. Investigate different fitness test results. 
  4. Investigate fitness programming to improve fitness and sport performance. 

How are the students assessed?

Component 1: Internally assessed assignment (written and leadership practical). Worth 30% of final grading.

Component 2: Internally assessed assignment (written and practical). Worth 30% of final grading.

Component 3: An external written examination paper – 1 hour and 30 minutes worth 60 marks. Worth 40% of final grading.