GCSE Art and Design

Interest, determination and commitment to the subject are the most important qualities needed to study Art at GCSE.  To succeed with the course, students must have been positive about their artwork and shown enthusiasm and ability during Key Stage 3.  It is not an easy option, but you do not have to be another Leonardo Da Vinci to achieve success. 

The new AQA course is split into two coursework units plus one examination unit.  The coursework units each consist of 45 guided learning hours (lesson time) and with this time constraint students must work with a real sense of purpose in every lesson.  Additional work may also be produced by students in their own time.   

Students will experiment with a variety of media, some of which they may not have handled before. 

As well as the traditional media of drawing and painting students may explore a range of printmaking techniques, ceramics, 3D wire or card construction, textiles, graphics and mixed media.  They will be shown how to manipulate ideas in new and innovative ways.  Students will also be introduced to the work of a range of artists, designers and craftspeople. 

Towards the end of Year 11, students are entered for the GCSE examination unit.  The completion of detailed preparatory work forms the majority of the marks and leads to the 10 hour exam, usually spread over three days. 

The coursework portfolio will count for 60% of the final grade and the exam for 40%. 

The course is designed to allow students to use their powers of observation in initial drawings and research, and to develop ideas in a personal and individual way.  There is also a critical and contextual element to the course where students look at and respond to the work of relevant artists and designers. 

Contact: Mrs. Monteiro,  

Faculty Leader for Art, Design & Technology