Parents are requested to return completed forms and copies of all pages of their proof of benefit to the school that has stamped their form by Monday 13 March 2023.  Incomplete forms cannot be considered and Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust will liaise directly with applicants if their application is incomplete or unsuccessful.

We would be grateful if schools could forward the completed forms and supporting documents to Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust by Thursday 16 March 2023.

As stated on the application form, we aim to process applications and deliver vouchers, for successful applicants, directly to Schools by the first week in July.  Vouchers will be in individual envelopes and addressed with the child’s name and c/o their parent or guardian.  We very much appreciate your help in ensuring that families receive their vouchers.

Please note that we require only one application per household, so if an application includes eligible children from different schools, the vouchers will be sent to the school that has stamped the application form.

Vouchers can be redeemed at Clive Mark Schoolwear Boldmere and/or Crested Schoolwear, Erdington.   Please note that if neither of these are your school’s nominated supplier parents will  be able to use the vouchers to purchase non-branded items.