RSL Drama

Drama is an exciting course that provides the opportunity for students to develop their practical skills and their understanding and appreciation of Drama and Theatre.

Devising Drama (30% of total)
The aim of this component is to explore a given stimulus item through practical exploration and create a piece of devised drama within a group. Students will individually write a 2000-word portfolio of evidence during the devising process and an evaluation of their final performance.  This is internally moderated and sent to the exam board.

Presenting and Performing Texts (30% of total)
Students will study and explore a performance text and perform 2 extracts from the text to a visiting examiner. Students will complete a written concept pro forma describing the research they have done on the text and their artistic intention for the performance.

Drama: Performance and Response (40% of total) Students will sit a 90 minute written examination in the summer of Year 11. The paper is split into 2 sections; Section A and B. Section A questions are based on a set text students will have studied on the course, but different from their performance text. For Section B students will be required to have seen a live theatre performance and will be required to analyse and evaluate the performance.

What Drama Offers?

Drama also offers development in a wide range of transferable skills that will support all other subjects. Some of these skills include communication, reasoning, teamwork, self-discipline, time management and creativity.

Who should take Drama?
Anyone who enjoys performing. Anyone who thrives when working with others. Anyone who enjoys a challenge. Anyone who wants to improve skills in communication, self-discipline, teamwork and creativity. Anyone who loves Drama and Theatre.

Why study GCSE Drama?
This subject in the future could lead to a career within the Theatre (including stage management, directing and performing), media and television (journalism, presenting and writing). It doesn’t just offer a future within the Performing Arts, Drama can help you develop transferable skills which you can take into any career or job, these might include careers in such fields as education, retail, travel and tourism, sales and marketing or any career that involves meeting people face to face.

Students will be expected to rehearse their work outside of lesson time and so will need to be committed to their group.    

This course cannot be taken with Dance RSL. This course is subject to being accredited by OFQUAL. If this course is not accredited we will select an alternative Dance GCSE course offered by a different exam board

Contact: Mrs. R Wadsworth, Subject Leader for Drama