Business Enterprise (Level 2 BTEC)

The course is ideally suited to students who wish to take on the challenge of a new and relevant subject with the assessments being made primarily through coursework rather than examinations. 75% of the final grade will be coursework based; the remaining 25% will be in the form of an examination.  To be successful on the course you must pass the external assessment. 

The course will provide opportunities for learners to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life. This BTEC course is an opportunity to take a subject where the assessment is mainly coursework based. All students will study 4 units. These are expected to be: 

1. Enterprise in the Business World (coursework) 

This unit introduces you to the language and terminology used in business. It explores what businesses do, trends that affect them, how they operate and the factors that influence their success. 

2. Finance for Business (exam) 

In this unit, you will explore the types of costs that businesses incur, from the initial start-up costs involved in setting up a business to the ongoing daily costs of running the business. You will then explore the ways in which the sale of products and services generates revenue, so that you can develop your understanding of profit. Next, you will examine how businesses plan for success and learn about the techniques used to assist the planning process. 

3. Promoting a Brand (coursework) 

A successful business promotes itself to customers through its brand and image. In this unit, you will find out what it takes to build a brand and what a business has to consider when planning brand development. You will investigate the importance of branding to a business, the types of branding that are available and why businesses need to review and update their brands.  

4. Principles of Customer Service (coursework) 

This unit develops and broadens your understanding of customer service in different businesses. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of customer needs and expectations and be given the opportunity to examine a wide range of different types of internal and external customers.  

Students can achieve the grades at Level 2 (Distinction to Pass) or Level 1 (Pass).To be successful on the course, you must be responsible in your approach to coursework, be self-disciplined, be able to research and develop your work from a range of sources and be committed to meeting deadlines. This course differs from GCSE Business in the way that it is assessed. This is something you need to think very carefully about. Much of the basic content is the same although everything done in this course has to be applied to actual businesses being investigated. 

This course cannot be taken with Business (GCSE) 

Contact: Mr. Birch  

Faculty Leader for Business & Computing