Parents’ Evenings

All our Parents’ Evenings are now conducted online using the “SchoolCloud” system. To access the log on page for the system click this link :

The system gives parents the option to book appointments automatically with all of their child’s subject teachers or to choose their own appointment times manually.

Appointment times are carefully managed so there is no “running over”. Each appointment lasts 5 minutes at KS3/4 with a 1 minute gap between appointments to enable teachers and parents to “get ready” for their next appointment so it starts on time and runs effectively.

At KS5, appointments are longer in length as often appointments are made with multiple teachers at the same time (e.g. 2 English teachers may choose to meet each child’s parent at the same time to discuss progress of the child together)

There is a detailed guide for parents on how to use the system available here :

School Cloud Parents Evening Parent Guide

Parents Evenings are scheduled as follows :

Year GroupDate
Year 11Thursday 3rd November
Year 13Wednesday 16th November
Year 10Thursday 8th December
Year 7Thursday 5th January
Year 8Wednesday 8th March
Year 9Tuesday 18th April
Year 12Thursday 13th July

Year 11 Parents Information Evening

We are pleased to share with you our Virtual Year 11 Information Evening video, please follow this link This video contains important information for both students and parents regarding Year 11 Core Subjects. Please take time to watch it and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact via