In each year students will receive two reports and will be invited to attend at least one parents evening.

The table below shows the type of report each year group will receive:

Year GroupSettling In ReportInterim ReportFull ReportParents Evening

Settling In Report

A settling in report is given to our year 7 and 12 students at the end of October. The reports indicate how students initial experiences have been, this report is accompanied with a telephone call or on line meeting with the students tutor.

Interim Report

In an interim report each subject teacher selects a number (from 1-4) to indicate your child’s progress and attitude to learning, this is sometimes referred to as ‘attributes’.  If a member of staff feels that the progress or attitude to learning is a cause for concern, they will write a comment suggesting how to improve.

Key Terms

Progress can be described as how much improvement has been made towards a students target grade.

Attitude to learning is determined by an individuals readiness to learn and the approach they take in lessons, this is reinforced by the attributes of  a good ‘Arthur Terry Learner’.

A key to what each number means can be seen below and can be found on the report.

1Excellent progress towards target grade
2Good progress towards target grade
3Some concerns regarding progress towards target grade
4Serious concerns regarding progress towards target grade
Attitude To Learning
1Excellent attitude to learning
2Good attitude to learning
3Some concerns regarding attitude to learning
4Serious concerns regarding attitude to learning

Full Report

In the full report students will receive attribute scores for attitude to learning and progress and a comment if their teacher identifies any concerns. Tutors will also write a more detailed comment about each individual student.