The Arthur Terry School is proud to be part of the Children’s University™ Scheme which aims to raise aspirations, celebrate and boost achievement, in addition to fostering a love of learning outside of the classroom, so that children can make the most of their abilities and interests by accessing this new and exciting enrichment programme.

All students across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 will have the opportunity to take part in Children’s University and extra-curricular activities at The Arthur Terry School. Students can collect stamps online via their online passports to demonstrate the number of hours of Children’s University validated enrichment activities they have participated in. They will also be able to record their hours, give feedback on the activities and look for new Learning Destinations on the Children’s University website.

With lots of these activities on offer in school through our enrichment programme, every student should be able to complete 30 hours as a minimum. Yet students can gain hours outside of school with registered ‘learning destinations’ across the UK. When students complete their 30 hours of ‘study’ this will allow them to receive a Bronze award. Some students may go even further and achieve a Silver (60 hours) or even Gold Award (100 hours).  Students completing over a 100 hours of learning activities will be invited to a very special graduation ceremony to be held at the University of Birmingham in June 2023 with invitations extended to parents/carers to watch.

For more information about Childrens University, please email atsenrichment@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk

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