Meet The Team

Welcome to the Year 7 page – here you will find the latest information that will be applicable to our Year 7 students.

On the Year 7 Team we have Mr Cooper – who is our Key Stage Leader, Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of History and Geography; Mr Beckett – who is the Progress Leader for 7A and Teacher of Science, and Miss Lorenz – who is the Progress Leader for 7B and Teacher of Science.

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Mr Cooper

Key Stage Leader

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Mr Beckett

Progress Leader (A)

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Miss Lorenz

Progress Leader (B)

You can find everything you need to know on the school website.

For the latest homework that has been set for Year 7 click here:


For information about what is being taught in each subject areas click here:

Subjects – The Arthur Terry School

For information about the personal development programme click here:

PSHCE at KS3 – The Arthur Terry School

All of the key policies including the praise and behaviour policy can be found here:

Policies – The Arthur Terry School

iPad Devices

We are delighted to inform you that the initial phase of the rollout of iPads has gone extremely well. We believe that the devices will become a crucial part of the learning journey and will not only enhance the learning experience for our students, but will over time, fundamentally change the way our students learn.

Students have attended an assembly where we reiterated the very clear expectations in terms of conduct using their new devices. In addition, when the students were given their iPads for the first time, they have also been reminded again about what they are allowed and not allowed to do when using their school iPads. Please be aware that behaviour expectations for all students with an iPad and consequences for misuse of an iPad are aligned to our Praise and Behaviour policy. 

Please do also remind your child that school has a very sophisticated system that monitors all use of all school devices including the iPads. This also includes technology that sends screenshots to select senior members of staff at school for any infringements of the attached policy.

We would also like to remind students that the device remains the property of the school and if there are serious breaches of the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (please see following link: or of the attached iPad behaviour expectations, school reserves the right to limit a student’s access with the device or remove the device from the student in order to prevent further misuse.

We would like to thank all of our parents and carers for your support in this matter.

Latest News

We are so proud of the resilience and kindness from our students, and we can only hope that this will continue to grow. We understand that starting a new school is difficult, but year 7 have already contributed tremendously to The Arthur Terry School with their positive attitude and strong attendance.

It’s been a wonderful start with lots of positive comments during our recent parents evening. We have a wonderful team of tutors who continue to set high expectations for our students and monitor student support. 

Average Positive Praise PointsAverage Negative Praise Points

Information Evening Presentation

Below you will find the PowerPoint from the information evening presentation. Thank you to those who attended. We hope you found the evening useful.