Meet The Team

Welcome to the Year 8 page – here you will find the latest news and key dates that will be applicable to our Year 8 students. On the Year 8 Team we have Mrs Bissett – who is our Strategic Lead, Associate Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Drama; Miss Dubidat – who is the Progress Leader for 8A and Teacher of English, and Mrs Ridley – who is the Progress Leader for 8B and Teacher of Business.

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Mrs Bissett

Strategic Year Lead

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Miss Dubidat

Progress Leader (A)

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Mrs Ridley

Progress Leader (B)

Latest News

We are so proud of the resilience and kindness from our students, and we can only hope that this will continue to grow. Following the reports that were released in December, we can see that our students are continuing to work hard in their lessons and making excellent progress across the school. 

Average Positive Praise PointsAverage Negative Praise Points

Key Dates

  • End of term praise event on Thursday 16th February 2023
  • Ski Trip Friday 17th February – Saturday 25th February 2023
  • School re-opens for students on Monday 28 February 2023