Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish)

Why study a language?

  • 75% of the world’s population do not speak English at all.  The ability to communicate in a Modern Foreign Language is widely recognised as an essential skill in education and business.
  • Language GCSEs provide you with a range of transferrable skills which are invaluable for further study.
  • Language GCSEs give you an opportunity to learn about other people, countries and cultures.
  • Learning a language enriches travel experiences.
  • Learning one language makes it easier to learn other languages.
  • British businesses need employees with language skills, 77% of British exporters lose money due to lack of language skills.

This subject in the future could lead to exciting opportunities at home or abroad, professionally or personally, in a wide variety of contexts. Those with language qualifications, regardless of level are highly sought after and language studies blend seamlessly with the vast majority of higher education courses.

How will I be assessed?
French and Spanish follow the same assessment structure.  You will be assessed in the four key language skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing (25% each), via terminal examinations at the end of year 11

Parlez-vous français?
French is spoken by about 110 million people as a first language and by 190 million as a second language.  There are significant numbers of French speakers in 57 countries. French is the official language of the European Union therefore an ability to speak French is extremely desirable amongst employers.

¿Habla español?
Spanish is one of the most useful languages to speak due to the sheer number of Spanish speakers worldwide. It is an official language on four continents and is the mother tongue in 21 countries.  Furthermore, 350 million people speak Spanish as a native language.  As a result, the ability to speak Spanish is a huge benefit in the world of business as well as when travelling abroad.

Students need to have previously studied their chosen language in order to study it to GCSE level. A Block have studied Spanish. B Block have studied French.

Some students may qualify to study two languages if they have completed additional extra-curricular study or are native speakers. Please speak to Miss Franklin in the first instance if this is something you wish to pursue and meet these requirements.

Contact: Miss Franklin, Modern Foreign Languages Faculty Leader