All students will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics.  The number and depth of these topics will depend on the pathway chosen.  Both pathways allow for study of Science at A level and Post-16. 

The Core Science pathway results in two GCSE qualifications in Science that include Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics.  There are 2 exam papers in each subject, each of 75 minutes, and students receive a double grade based on the total marks achieved across all 6 papers. 

The Separate Sciences pathway results in students achieving one GCSE in each area of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  There are 3 exam papers in each subject (1 hour 45 mins long) and students can achieve different grades in the different science subjects.   This pathway is most suitable for students with a real passion for Science because students can only choose one other option subject if they choose this option.

Both courses involve extensive practical work including specific experiments that students are expected to have completed. Students will develop a range of investigative skills.

All exam papers are offered at Higher or Foundation Tier.  The Higher paper gives access to grades 5 and above, the Foundation tier awards grades upto Grade 5.  We use the assessments and lesson time in Year 10 to help identify the most appropriate tier for students to be entered for in Year 11. 

Students follow the AQA specifications for Trilogy Science or Separate Sciences based on their option choice.

Science content

1. Cell biology2. Organisation3. Infection and response4. Bioenergetics5. Homeostasis and response6. Inheritance, variation and evolution7. Ecology  8. Atomic structure and the periodic table9. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter10. Quantitative chemistry11. Chemical changes12. Energy changes13. The rate and extent of chemical change14. Organic chemistry15. Chemical analysis16. Chemistry of the atmosphere17. Using resources18. Energy19. Electricity20. Particle model of matter21. Atomic structure22. Forces23. Waves24. Magnetism and electromagnetism  

Progression to A Level Sciences
Both pathways allow students to access Science A Levels. Either a grade 6/6 in Double Science or a 6 in the relevant individual Science subject are likely to be required.

Contact: Anna Haslam, Core Leader of Science