In this area,  you will be able to experience what lessons are like at Arthur Terry. Our dedicated teachers have created these resources to show you how lessons here are exciting, enjoyable and encourage you to reach your potential. We encourage you to have a go at all the activities and bring your work in September in order to gain your first praise points of the year! There is also a piece of work you can complete to allow us to get to know you better; once you have done this you can email it to so that your form tutor can learn more about you.

Download Getting To Know You Worksheet

An introduction to English

Welcome to English at Arthur Terry Y6 Transition – Single student work

Book Review Poster

An introduction to Science

Arthur Terry Year 6 virtual transition day Science

An introduction to Maths

The following resources are required to complete the Maths induction task.

Click the button below to download the printable Maths induction resources.


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A word from our students