The Arthur Terry Learner, learning habits programme has been developed across the school in all subject areas and across all year groups to help our students become better learners through increased independence. This will ensure that our students are prepared for a lifetime of learning.

There are five key categories that we focus on building: Resilience, Active Approach, Values, Meta-Cognition and Preparation

How can parents help promote the Arthur Terry Learner at home?

  • When your child is given a test to prepare for encourage them to prepare each day and revise in different ways.
  • Encourage your child to pack their bags the night before to develop preparation and personal responsibility.
  • If your child says they cannot do something tell them that they cannot do it yet!
  • If your child makes a mistake or does not do so well in a test encourage them to look at why this happened and what they can learn from the experience.
  • Praise your child for their perseverance and effort rather than just the end product.
  • Allow your children to watch/assist (!) you, for example, fix a car, make a cake or build IKEA furniture – talk them through the process, let them know about any issues or problem, make it clear that these things take time, practice and you are not always going to get it right first time.
  • Remember, this is not a magic spell which is suddenly going to change the attitude and learning behaviours of our children, but if we all saying the same things something might just stick!