Key Stage 3 students have PSHCE one lesson per fortnight delivered by their form tutor with additional content covered in tutor time and assemblies. To accompany PSHCE sessions students also take part in weekly wellbeing sessions and careers guidance in form time. On occasion a lesson may change in response to contextual needs of the cohort.

PSHCE at KS3 aims to support our students’ personal development by: 

  • Raising awareness
  • Promoting discussion
  • Signposting advice & Guidance

Year 7, 8, and 9 students follow a spiral curriculum as outlined below:

DatesYr 7Yr 8Yr 9
8th Sept 2021Introduction to secondary schoolWhat do we stand for?What do we stand for?
22nd Sept 2021What do we stand for?Social relationshipsWhat counts as sexual harassment?
6th Oct 2021FriendshipRelationships and feelingsDigital resilience
20th Oct 2021
Body ImageEmotional Health

10th Nov 2021
Natural HighCoping with anxietyBody Image
24th Nov 2021Being safe onlineSleepCSE
8th Dec 2021Growing up:
Gaming addictionSubstance abuse: alcohol
19th Jan 2022Growing up: brains and feelingsSmart phone addictionSubstance abuse: drugs
2nd Feb 2022Growing up: HygieneCareersUnconscious bias
16th Feb 2022Growing up:
9th March 2022Why do people commit crimes?Police and CPSAgeism
23rd March 2022GangsCounty LineDisability awareness
6th April 2022Prejudice and DiscriminationKnife CrimeGender identity
4th May 2022Rights of the childE-cigs/VapingSex in relationships
18th May 2022Gender RolesFirst aidContraception
8th June 2022First AidWhat is good about living in a democracy?
First Aid
22nd June 2022CareersBeing BritishDo politicians tell the truth?
6th July 2022How does the government help keep us safe?ImmigrationFirst Aid
20th July 2020Money and budgetingMulticulturalismAttitudes to money and debt


Themes will be assessed by:

  • Self-assessment activities
  • Self-reflection tasks
  • Low-stakes testing