Tutor Time – Be Proud, Be Kind, Be Ready

The tutor time programme at The Arthur Terry School is a fundamental part of the school day. Ensuring students are ready to learn.

During Tutor Time our aims are to :

  • build strong relationships with form tutors, as this is the first point of pastoral contact for many students.
  • make friendships with other students in the year group.
  • develop Arthur Terry Learner habits.
  • provide regular communication between the tutor, students and parents/carers.
  • promote new opportunities that are available for our students.
  • encourage students to actively look after their wellbeing and promote positive behaviour choices.

Tutor Time Programme :

The Tutor Time is a purposeful and varied programme that includes :

The Student Bulletin

We know how important communication is and ensure that students receive weekly messages from enrichment clubs, teachers, and notices about upcoming events that they can become involved with.

Numeracy/Literacy Activities

Numeracy and literacy skills are vitally important in everyday life, and our innovation leaders provide a wide range of interactive numeracy and literacy tasks which tutor groups can complete together.

Weekly Wellbeing

Living in such a fast-paced world means that it can be easy to put our needs last.  Our wellbeing programme helps to encourage students to focus on their individual welfare and promotes the value of living a healthier lifestyle.


Each fortnight students take part in a careers activity which encourages students to take part in work experience opportunities, access the careers live event and explore potential career paths.


Once a week, each year group will have a whole school assembly where students which will be directly linked to the ethos and values of The Arthur Terry School.


To enhance our PSHCE programme we occasionally have additional ‘mini’ sessions which are incorporated into our tutor time.


We sometimes dedicate our tutor time to exciting events that take place during the academic year, and it is important that we take time to showcase these events and raise awareness. For example – Children in Need, Remembrance Day and Comic Relief.